Re: nautilus and mozilla

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>Subject: Re: nautilus and mozilla
>From: Marco Pesenti Gritti <marco it gnome org>
>To: bordoley msu edu
>Cc: John Fleck <jfleck inkstain net>, nautilus-list gnome org
>Date: 27 Aug 2002 13:14:28 +0200
>Il mar, 2002-08-27 alle 04:51, bordoley msu edu ha scritto:
>> John:
>> Perhaps we could add a FAQ to nautilus web page. I can't really provide
>> details on compiling etc. since I haven't done it in awhile (lack of
>> network connection has basically left me unable to do much work, hopefully
>> this will be remedied soon).
>> Perhaps Marco could write up something, since he probably has the most
>> experience building a gtk2 mozilla and galeon.
>> dave
>I've put yesterday something very basic in the INSTALL of galeon module
>Hopefully gtkmozembed patches will be committed to avoid this pain.
>We are adding some info about the port on galeon web page.
>Adding a link to the nautilus web page sounds like a good idea to me.
>I'll let you know the url when I know it :)

Ok the page is at:
I'll ask the web master to link the INSTALL file in some way and I'll add
some more infos to it.


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