Re: how to assign views to document types?

Michael Meeks wrote:
Hi Jens,

On Wed, 2002-08-28 at 22:04, Jens Ansorg wrote:

But I'd like to assign the viewer component to other filetypes not only

	Ok - then what you have to do is hack the .server file you install;
adding the mime types of the files you think you can render, eg.

	Or whatever.

ok, I'll check this out

The "assiciate application / edit file type" dialogs do not allow to
change/edit the viewer component?

	That's a feature not bug - it's right for the developer to tag which
mime types his viewer can support IMHO.



hm, this seems a bit too restrictive.
No developer can know what kind of files I have on my machine to have him choose which files/mime-types to support.

And it's not only the "viewer" part.
For a lot of file types I cannot even change/edit the application that is used to open it or a least add another application to the list of possibilities.

There are lots of file types I'd like to be able to open with an text editor or fiew as plain text. There are lots of files, when I double click them in Nautilus I get the "no app/viewer assigned" and when I click "go and assign one" I cannot :( No possibility to add since in the "edit file type " thing in Gnome2 the lowerpart is completely disabled for a lot of file types.


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