Re: how to assign views to document types?

Hi Jens,

On Thu, 2002-08-29 at 12:15, Jens Ansorg wrote:
> hm, this seems a bit too restrictive.
> No developer can know what kind of files I have on my machine to have 
> him choose which files/mime-types to support.

	The developer can know which file types his own application can read
though - indeed he should know that better than anyone.

	Of course - the application assoication for mime types is there for
legacy apps - of which an indefinate number exist - with no means of
detecting which types they support. That's why we allow the user to
associate new ones with various types.

> And it's not only the "viewer" part.
> For a lot of file types I cannot even change/edit the application that 
> is used to open it or a least add another application to the list of 
> possibilities.

	That's broken; can you test this with the latest gnome-2.0.2 stuff [ or
snapshots, or better CVS ], and if the problem persists file a bug. You
should be able to associate new applications with any mime type.

> There are lots of file types I'd like to be able to open with an text 
> editor or fiew as plain text.
> There are lots of files, when I double click them in Nautilus I get the 
> "no app/viewer assigned" and when I click "go and assign one" I cannot 
> :( No possibility to add since in the "edit file type " thing in Gnome2 
> the lowerpart is completely disabled for a lot of file types.

	Hmm; possibly we should consider extending the viewer thing in the long
run then; but at least for now it shouldn't be a massive problem IMHO.



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