Eel and Nautilus 2.2.2 Released

Eel and Nautilus 2.2.2, "The release with rocks in" is released.

Normally we don't anounce nautilus releases to mailing lists.  "We
won't bother," we say to ourselves, "people will find it eventually."
But "eventually" won't cut it with this release.

It is too darned good.

Have you ever found yourself saying, "I like to use Crux, but the
Nautilus toolbar looks like crap?"  How about "Every time I hit the
back button, I lose my place in the directory I'm looking at?".  Or
SO MUCH!  I WANT IT TO DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE?".  If you've experienced
this or many other annoying UI problems, this release is for you.

Since the 2.2.1 release, the nautilus team has been focusing on fixing
the small UI problems that sometimes make nautilus a chore to use.
This release is the first result of these efforts.  Expect more great
things in the future.

Here is a partial list of the changes in 2.2.2.  See the NEWS file for

* When going back, forward or switching between different types of
  views nautilus will scroll down to the position you left the
  directory in.
  - No more losing your place when you navigate through the filesystem 

* Better support for Gtk+ themes on the toolbar and location bar
  - Crux, SphereCrystal, and other themes look much better.

* Save the current active side pane
  - For those of you who love the tree pane.
* Disable the "switch to manual layout" dialog
  - So you can stop asking us to disable it.

* Text view enhancements
  - Cut and paste support and monospace fonts

* bonobo-activation fork bomb fix
  - For those of you who like to start nautilus.

* You can click on the transparent parts of icons
  - Now you can finally click on that damned apache feather

* ... and more


You can download the releases here:

Please don't find any bugs,
-- the nautilus team

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