Nautilus toolbar simplification

I think the nautilus toolbar(s) could stand to be simplified quite a bit. Right now, nautilus has two toolbars (one is named the "location bar"), because everything wouldn't fit on a single toolbar.

But it seems like most of the buttons are unneeded:
  o "Back" is the same as "Up" for most file-browsing operations.  Users
    don't need both.
  o Studies have shown that "Forwards" is used <8% as much as "Back"
    during web browsing.  During file-browsing, "Forwards" is even less
    important, since it takes you to a folder or file that's already
    visible with an icon in the main view of the file manager (the one
    you just exited out of).
  o As for "Stop" -- why would you ever want nautilus to freeze in the
    middle of displaying a directory?  Or any other type of file?  I
    think that this button is rarely useful.
  o "Home" is accessible from many other locations: I have a link on
    my desktop, in my start menu, in the go menu, via "Alt-Home", etc.
    Nautilus takes me to my home directory whenever I open a new window.
    I rarely need a quick-access link back to that home folder after
    I've left that folder to go elsewhere, so I don't see a need for a
    home button on the toolbar of every file-manager window I open.
  o "Reload" shouldn't be needed if FAM et. al. is doing its job, right?
    And if it IS needed, you have View->Reload and Ctrl-R.

Anyway, it seems like all this UI stuff was designed back when nautilus was a web browser, and then none of it was ever taken out. Simplifying these features would make Nautilus a way-better file manager, IMHO.

Here are some before-and-after mockups...

Current toolbars:
Redesigned toolbar:

I'd imagine that there has already been some discussion on this topic. I don't want to retread old conversations. Does anyone know of existing threads on this issue? Or is there somebody actively working it?

There are a bunch of other simplifications that I think nautilus could use as well, but I'd really like to see the toolbar cleaned up first.



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