RE: spatial/browser preference

I don't like how that works.  We don't really want to blur the line
between spatial windows and the file browser - they are different kinds
of windows that act differently.  I don't think that the operation
(wanting to change between one kind of window to another) is really
common enough to warrant the blurred line.

I would guess that:

* Switching the default mode is going to be a once-by-many operation
(not a *majority*, but it won't be rare :))

* Switching from spatial to browser will be a common-by-few operation -
this use case could probably be handled by "Browse Folder"

* Switching from browser to spatial will

On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 14:28 -0700, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
> >fwiw, alex and I have discussed putting the browser/spatial mode option
> >into the preferences dialog.  We're ok with doing that, it just hasn't
> >been done yet.
> Is it out of the question having a small icon on the outmost right of the
> menubar that switches between the two on the fly, just like Mac OS X's
> Finder is able to do?
> Rgds,
> Eugenia
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