Re: How do people organize their desktops? (was Re: idea to end browser and spatial problems)

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 16:26 +0100, Calum Benson wrote:


>From squinting at the full poster it looks like the pilot study was of 4
people? Is that right or do I need to squint a bit more? I'd also have
liked to know how deep the heirarchies that were created were, it
mentions one person creating a separate folder for each file type, but
doesn't really say how those folders were then organised.

I should probably read the pdf file shouldn't I?

I liked how no-one really uses spacial layouts in folders, but they
(well, one person) do on the desktop. I'm wondering if there's a reason
for that, although if my memory serves me correctly, people never really
did on the Amiga either, except for those huge 400x200sized icons that
started games, surrounded by tiny readme icons.


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