Re: Places, Bookmarks, Links, Burning

On Thu, 2004-05-20 at 15:02, Thorsten Wilms wrote:
> Hi all!
> I have 2 seperate data partitions, and created links to them on 
> the desktop, because these are my real starting points. And 
> I will most likely add more 'shortcuts'.
> But instead of following the symlinks, Nautilus appears to open 
> the symlinks. So there's 'Desktop' in the hierarchy in statusbar 
> menu. That's not the behaviour I would expect. But more important 
> it's not useful. The ability to go up in the real filesystem 
> hierrachy would be better. I have no interest in opening Desktop 
> from there. And having the desktop and a open Desktop Folder is 
> weird!
> Then I noticed that my home folder on the desktop works the way 
> I would expect. But I couldn't find a possibiliy to create 
> an icon with this behaviour. Even worse, that one doesn't show up  
> in the Desktop folder. So this seems to be an (ugly) special case, 
> or am I missing something?

This is a long standing conflict between "symlink" and "shortcut"
behaviour for symbolic links. Both have usecases, but unix symbolic
links have traditionally been used to hide system details, such as
mountpoints. Using them as shortcuts breaks that, so we have decided to
not do that (after toggling the behaviour 4 times). 

Instead we want to introduce a better us to create shortcuts using
desktop files, which behave as you want.

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