Places, Bookmarks, Links, Burning

Hi all!

I have 2 seperate data partitions, and created links to them on 
the desktop, because these are my real starting points. And 
I will most likely add more 'shortcuts'.
But instead of following the symlinks, Nautilus appears to open 
the symlinks. So there's 'Desktop' in the hierarchy in statusbar 
menu. That's not the behaviour I would expect. But more important 
it's not useful. The ability to go up in the real filesystem 
hierrachy would be better. I have no interest in opening Desktop 
from there. And having the desktop and a open Desktop Folder is 

Then I noticed that my home folder on the desktop works the way 
I would expect. But I couldn't find a possibiliy to create 
an icon with this behaviour. Even worse, that one doesn't show up  
in the Desktop folder. So this seems to be an (ugly) special case, 
or am I missing something?

About dealing with somewhat deep hierarchies without clicking  
so much: in BeOS there are 'Move to', 'Copy to', 'Create Link' in 
icon context menu, all being submenus with the filesystem. This leads 
to mutli-level menus, usualy considered a bad thing. But in practice 
it works very well, even 4 (or so) levels deep.
How about adding a 'Browse' menu entry in context menus for folders?
It would represent the contents with deeper folders as submenus.
A fast, but fully graphical/by mouse way to open somewhat burried 
folders. (I would replace the the current 'Browse Folder' with this 
one. The navigational Nautilus should be treated as just another 

There was some talk about bookmarks recently. Bookmarks are just links 
gathered in a menu. Links on the desktop are therefore not that much 
different. Just allowing folders to be put on the panel and filling 
them with links would make for nice bookmarking.
Like said before, I think Places should be moved to the panel, if 
needed at all. So everything that remains in spatial Nautilus windows 
is directly related to the represented folder.

In it's current incarnation the CD Creator could go under 
applications. But I would rather like to see the one CD Creator Place 
replaced by a CD (maybe call it Collection) file type (allthough one 
that's more like a folder). The current functionality could stay 
the same (improvements to that are another topic). But the filetype 
would make for better integration by being more like other things.
A CD file could be kept after burning to use it as an index for 
searching in your media collection.

Thorsten Wilms

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