Extending WebDAV featureset?


I am interested in experimenting with more complex interactions
between Nautilus and Plone (http://plone.org). Currently I'm working on
extending the set of namespaces and properties that are exposed through
WebDAV in order to write a Win32 (yuck) frontend that is able to perform
some operations (like control workflow, locks, metadata, etc).

I have
read some documentation on Nautilus and it seems that there are two
options: writing a gnome-vfs extension specific for this, or working with the
existing WebDAV vfs and extending Nautilus by adding context menus and
I'm not experienced with C programming, but it seems like Python, bonobo
and pygtk are the way to go.
Does this sound like a reasonable thing to do? Such extension would be
distributed as an add-on to Nautilus.
Sidnei da Silva

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