Thumbnail size causing moving targets

I'm sure this has been dealt with before, but the mailing list search on is broken, and I couldn't find anything browsing the archives manually.

Because the size of thumbnails is different than the size of the temporary icon while thumbnails are generated, icons an jump around while thumbnails are being generated.

For example, if you take a large directory with hundreds of photos, and scroll down to the bottom before all of the thumbnails have loaded, you will see the icons jump around as the thumbnails load and the contents of the folder are re-layed-out accordingly.

Has there been any consideration for a fixed thumbnail area that is the same size as the "generating thumbnail" icon, as in Windows XP, so the folder contents don't move as thumbnails are generated?

Again, sorry if this has already been dealt with - feel free to just point me at an old rationale for the current behavior.

Steven Garrity

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