Re: What I think spatial nautilus needs

Thorsten Wilms <t_w_ freenet de> writes:

> The file selector is so big and complicated compared to the Open Location 
> dialog. And personaly, I have to say it feels terrible slow, while 
> Open Location is simple, fast and beautyful.

But does not have auto-complete!

> If you want to access 'far away locations' and don't know about exact 
> locations, just use Nautilus itself!

I don't see anything wrong with adding bookmarks to the Open Location

> For reusing bookmarks from file selector they should be rather found 
> in a folder that might be on the destop or find a place in the panel.

I don't think this would be as practical as having the bookmarks on the
Open Location dialog. You'd still have to click on the "Show Desktop"
button, open the bookmarks folder on the desktop, and then, finally,
open the desired location (one click and two double-clicks), as opposed
to probably just Control-L and 1 double-click on the desired
location. It also clutters the desktop.

>> 3) Bookmarks, bookmarks, bookmarks
>> They should be placed at the following locations: "Places" menu and
>> "Computer" (other suggestions welcome)
>> Of course, these bookmarks should be the same bookmarks as GTK now
>> creates, for nice cross-DE integration.
> Bookmarks have no place in the spatial Nautilus menu, because there's 
> no relation to the represented folder. (Having Places there is a mistake, 
> IMHO).

While bookmarks might not have a relation to the represented folder,
having Places in spacial windows is really handy and useful, and will be
even more when you can put whatever you want in that menu. This allows
to open arbitrary locations with a single click. Beats the alternatives.


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