Re: Like where gnome and nautilus are going... few requests

On Mit, 2004-05-26 at 00:04, Nugeto Mandella wrote:
> Just recently tried Nautilus 2.4.2 in the Debian Sarge dist.
> I like it very much, it clearly needs more work but I believe the 
> architecture and basic concepts are now sound.
> === Things I like
> File associations, well done.
> Image previews in icons... nice.
> ====Things I hate
> When you move down the tree if you hit a soft link, it goes there. It should 
> go there in the right panel, but the tree should stay on the link, not shoot 
> off to who knows where.

Fixed in Nautilus 2.6.0.

> ==== Things I want
> Right click on the desktop and be able to make NEW documents, this should 
> also apply in Nautilus.

Fixed in Nautilus 2.6.0.

> When in the files, clicking say F, should move you down to the first file 
> F...

Fixed in Nautilus 2.6.0.

> Be able to move forward and back across active windows, maybe this is more a 
> gnome thing but I'd like to explain why (btw could do it in old gnome)
> Now if you ALT TAB it will sequence through the windows, very microsoft 
> like, but one thing a Linux user gets very used of is the ALT right and 
> *left* arrow keys, thats how tty's work. In the new gnome you can change the 
> shortcut to say the right arrow key but there is no way to go backwards 
> through the window stack. That makes it feel very UN-LINUX like. Please put 
> that back.

That's the task of the window and not the file manager, in GNOME that's
normally metacity. Try Alt+Shift+Tab. You can change the keybindings in
the GConf editor (/apps/metacity/global_keybindings_switch_windows) or
in the control center of GNOME 2.6.

BTW: Debian unstable has been mostly upgraded to GNOME 2.6.


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