Re: features request

On Mon, 2004-05-31 at 17:53 +0200, Mazzoni Perseo wrote:

> - if i select 10 mp3 files (for example) and then right click and open 
> with totem then 10 totem will open and each totem will play 1 mp3 file.
> I wish that with 10 mp3 nautilus will be able to open 1 totem and add to 
> his tracklist the 10 mp3 files. This is and example, the suggestion is 
> to make nautilus work with multiple files for one single istance of an 
> application
That's totem issue I guess

> - In spatial nautilus when I first open a folder/window the size of the 
> window must be calculated in function of the number of icons that are 
> present in the folder, trying to mantain the window as rectangular as 
> possible but avoiding the scrool bar on the left and on the bottom.
Agreed. That'd be cool!

> - metacity issue: I open xmms and a folder. I then click without release 
> an mp3 file. After that nautilus (that was previously in the background 
> and xmms was over that) will overlap xmms, making drag'n'drop very 
> annoying. I think that if i select a file to drag'n'drop all windows 
> MUST stay where they are, without changing focus.
Oh, yeah that's very annoying. I think metacity should make window
foreground only after the mouse _release_.

Dan Korostelev <dan ats energo ru>

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