Re: gnome-file-types-properties confusion

Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Wed, 2004-09-01 at 08:44, Kotrla Vitezslav wrote:

I got Gnome 2.6 (Debian/unstable) here and I'm  trying to convince Nautilus
to open iso-8859-2 encoded text file (suffix is .srt) with gedit:

0) Nautilus shows 'green foot' common icon for file
1) I right-click file -> Open with -> Application (the only choice)
2) dialogue "none application associated with "" is shown,
  button 'Cancel' and 'Associate'
3) I press 'Associate', gnome-file-types-properties is run (according to ps command,
  it is 'gnome-file-types-properties application/octet-stream'),
  I'm selecting icon, description, MIME type, category, suffixes in in 'Implcit action'
  field 'gedit'.
4) again - still the indefinite 'green-foot' icon is shown, right-clicking file ->
  Open with -> Application gets me back to step 2), but now form in
  gnome-file-types-properties contains previously entered values. Frustration, confusion
  - is it a bug or feature? What should I try next?

I'd gladly appreciate link to some explanation or tutorial I could have missed. Also
thanks for any tips or insightful explanations. I take care of multiple Gnome computers
and I just have to explain people why this doesn't work :-(

This is unfortunately a know bug in Gnome 2.6. When assigning a new app
to the unknown type file we create a new mimetype for it
(application/x-ext-srt). However the mimetype is created using the old
mimetype system, so Nautilus, using the new system doesn't understand
it, and can't use the new mime->app mapping.

This will be fixed in gnome 2.8, which fully moves to the new mime

PMJI, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to specify an "ad hoc" application for opening the file? I mean, select "Open With" and simply type "gedit" in some text entry box to have the file openend with gedit? It is a bit cumbersome to have to walk through the mime-type dialogues just for occasionally opening a file which has a non standard suffix or who's filetype is incorrectly sniffed.
This could make life with nautilus a lot easier :-)

--Heinrich Rebehn

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