Re: Cleaning up the nautilus context menu

On Sat, 2004-09-04 at 20:49 +0200, Maciej Katafiasz wrote:
> Dnia 04-09-2004, sob o godzinie 17:22 +0200, Jaap Haitsma napisał(a):
> > > instead of the "Change Desktop Background" you would 
> > > get a "Desktop Properties" (or simply "Properties") and the the same for 
> > > folders.
> > 
> > I think on the Desktop a "Desktop Properties" items would be cool. It 
> > then should have the possibility to:
> > 1. Change the Desktop Background
> > 2. Change the Resolution
> > 3. Change the Theme
> > 4. Change the Window Behaviour
> > 5. Change the Font

> Please don't.
> > A nicer solution I think is to have just one menu item which fires up a 
> > dialog with 5 tabs, which contain the 5 previously mentioned items.
> That's like 1:1 copy of windoze dialog :). I don't really see reason to
> do that this way, decent shell with easy access to all capplets would be
> much better (and from what I've seen in XD2 screenshots, I like their
> MacOSX-like control-center shell, I'd vote for stealing it for upstream
> GNOME :)

What do you mean by "all capplets"?

Anyway, I think these are two different issues. 

1) Does it makes sense to show an "Desktop Properties" desktop context
menu? Which properties should be considered "Desktop Properties"?

2) How are these "Desktop Properties" going to presented? 
- a capplet with multiple tabs?
- a nautilus window showing "preferences://desktop" location with the
appropriate launchers?
- gconf-editor showing "desktop/gnome/interface/*" ? :P   

other comments ...

The context menu for normal folder could include a "Folder Properties"
option where the user could configure the folder zoom level,
color/background,etc and do it per folder or globally. 

I agree that GNOME desperately need a menu/control-center redesign, an
that XD2 is probably a good starting place, but that discussion is
clearly off-topic in this list. :)

Ricardo Veguilla <veguilla hpcf upr edu>

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