Re: preview files in Nautilus ?

Paul Ionescu wrote:
Hi Jaap,

I already have those options activated in Nautilus, and they don't seem to
work. Maybe is my system (FC2), or maybe my expectations are different.
When I hoover over a sound file (tested with .ogg/.wav/.mp3), I
don't hear anything. If I change the nautilus the "View as icons" to
"view as Audio" I can play them, so the audio path is working, but not the
As for video previews, there is not even an option to enable or disable it.
Again, if I hoover my mouse over a movie file, nothing happens. Not even
if I click on it (click to select, not double-click to execute the default
action for the file).

I'm running Debian sid. AFAIK FC2 does not support mp3 out of the box and I think nautilus does not support video previews (yet).

I guess somehow there's something wrong with your setup. For the audio previews nautilus fires up a commandline program which is called sox. Maybe that's not installed or maybe it's not configured in the right way. Just run top while hoovering over an icon. You also should see a musical note imposed on the icon.

Hope this helps


BTW I never knew about this view as audio option. It's pretty cool. Only a pity that the mp3 decoder seems very picky. Many of my files do not play. Is there any plan to let nautilus use the gstreamer framework?

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