Re: Cleaning up the nautilus context menu

I think that's fairly easy to implement if you just have submenus

"Desktop Properties"
	"Change Desktop Background"
	"Change Resolution"
	"Change Theme"
	"Change Window Behaviour"
	"Change Font"

Please don't.

I already didn't find this an attractive solution

A nicer solution I think is to have just one menu item which fires up a dialog with 5 tabs, which contain the 5 previously mentioned items.

That's like 1:1 copy of windoze dialog :). I don't really see reason to
do that this way, decent shell with easy access to all capplets would be
much better (and from what I've seen in XD2 screenshots, I like their
MacOSX-like control-center shell, I'd vote for stealing it for upstream
Are you referring to the screenshot called "Customize Your Workspace" on

That's indeed a very nice looking solution. Vote +1


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