finding out spatial window geometry


i was trying to create a flying window animation (i sent another post
about that) for nautilus spatial windows. First of all i need to get
spatial window geometry so i can make my window fly from the launcher
icon to that window and cover it completely when the animation ends. I
can get its position and size from the metadata or from its gtkwindow
but thats without the window managers decoration. this is, the
position i get is the top left corner of the wm frame but id like to
get the real top left corner and the size  i get is the size of the
window without the frame wm adds.

i tried to use GTK_WIDGET (GTK_WINDOW (nautilus_window)) -> window  to
get its gdkwindow and get the frame from it but it returns a null
pointer. It would be enough to know the size of the borders the window
manager adds but i dont know how to find out that.

thx for ur help

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