Re: patch for bug 134420

On Sat, 2004-09-25 at 11:52 +0100, Glenn Pierce wrote:
> I wouldn't be surprised if I have made mistakes as it is my first time
> looking at nautilus code.
> I was inspired to do some bug fixing from Alex's mail.
> I have attached a patch for bug 134420
> The patch simply empties the clipboard so the paste menu item will
> become inactive. The patch is also attached in bugzilla.

Sweet! This is exactly the type of things I want to fix. Its not exactly
a crasher, but its one of those small things that makes it look like
nautilus doesn't really know what it is doing, leading to a feeling that
the whole system isn't stable. It is also the kind of small change that
we can do without much risk of destabilizing things.

Of course, its slightly debatable if this is the right behaviour (since
its not what an editor would do), but given that we have picked the
(admittely suboptimal) cut/copy/paste model for files I think this is
the best behaviour we can get. Long term, we might want to think about
possibly moving to the shelf pick up/drop model, but that is way to
distabilizing to consider atm. For now we just want to make the current
model work as well as possible.

Now for the harsh part. We're generally pretty picky about things like
indentation and code cleanness in Nautilus. The file "docs/style-
guide.html" described the Nautilus code conventions. Make sure your
patches comply to them an you'll pass code review with less embarrasing
comments. :) 

For this patch, the indentation isn't 8 spaces and you're missing a
space after get_clipboard. I commited the patch with these changes.

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