Volume names in Gnome 2.8

How can I change how Nautilus 2.8 displays volume names in the "Computer" window? I had configured mount points for all my Windows hard drives:


Nautilus 2.6 displayed them as


in the Computer window. Now I'm using Nautilus 2.8 with hotplug support, and while the mount points are still the same, Nautilus now displays the model number of the hard drives and the partition number in front of the volume label:

SAMSUNG SV1203N (2): E
SAMSUNG SV1203N (3): D
SAMSUNG SV1604N (2): H
SAMSUNG SV1604N (3): C

Now the computer window is confusing (all hard drives have very similar names), cluttered (the long names do not fit in one line in icon view) and no longer sorted correctly.
I tried to find a way to switch back to the old naming scheme, but couldn't find anything. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance!

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