Re: Volume names in Gnome 2.8

On Mon, 2004-09-27 at 09:27 +0200, Thomas Wiesehöfer wrote:
> How can I change how Nautilus 2.8 displays volume names in the
> "Computer" window? I had configured mount points for all my Windows
> hard drives: 
> /mnt/C 
> /mnt/D 
> ... 
> /mnt/H 
> Nautilus 2.6 displayed them as 
> C 
> D 
> ... 
> H 
> in the Computer window. Now I'm using Nautilus 2.8 with hotplug
> support, and while the mount points are still the same, Nautilus now
> displays the model number of the hard drives and the partition number
> in front of the volume label: 
> SAMSUNG SV1203N (2): E 
> SAMSUNG SV1203N (3): D 
> SAMSUNG SV1604N (2): H 
> SAMSUNG SV1604N (3): C 
> ... 
> Now the computer window is confusing (all hard drives have very
> similar names), cluttered (the long names do not fit in one line in
> icon view) and no longer sorted correctly. 
> I tried to find a way to switch back to the old naming scheme, but
> couldn't find anything. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance!

You're using the HAL support in gnome-vfs, right?
The volume naming is gonna change:

For now i recommend not using it, since it has some serious problems.

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