Re: Usability problem, and solution proposal

> >Combine this with the window list idea of Nathaniel... right click
> >enables the list (which should include desktop btw) instead of moving
> >the window down... thinking about it. Maybe if you could just drop a
> >file directly onto a nautilus window in the window list that would make
> >sense and serve the same purpose. it would also be more convinient for
> >other programs if you didn't have to wait until they pop up after a
> >while of hovering above the button.
> >  
> >
> Hmm .. I don´t like this idea too much. A window list is not spatial. So 
> you loose the advantage that you know where on the screen your folders are.
> The taskbar already contains such a list so it is also a duplicate. What 
> about using the right click while dragging over the taskbar to open the 
> corresponding folder window without the delay? So we have the best of 
> both suggestions.

Yeah, agreed, we don't need the other list, that's what came to my mind,
when I wrote it, so the right click idea for the window-list is a good
Also I want the direct dropping onto windows in the window list. That'll
speed up many other tasks such as opening files as well.

Talking about spatial: Is it spatial to have windows jump around or back
and forward without any direct user interaction?

> >
> >well, ctrl+x ctrl+v is essentially the same and quite a bit faster.
> >
> >  
> >
> I myself use this quite often but there are people who want to only use 
> the mouse for this task.

It's not that I dislike your clipboard idea. Actually this came up on
the usability list before iirc, with the approach of a panel applet and
I like it, since it's bringing gnome towards a more "shelf" like
clipboard rather than just a clipboard. But for this special task of
dragging and dropping one file it's quite an overkill imho.
It definitely has to be a gnome-wide implented feature and nothing
provided by nautilus.

Take care


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