Re: proposal for MIME behavior in GNOME

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 05:18:23PM -0500, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> I have written a proposal for handling MIME types and files better in
> nautilus at:

Just to take a quick look at how the other folks do it in comparision:

IIRC in mac os you get the default app that is assigned to that mime
type if you simply double click or open the file.  If you want a
non-standard app you can right click and choose something like "open
with different app" and then you are presented with a file chooser
dialog and you can choose your app from there (I don't remember if there
is a provision to always use that app).  That's about it.

Under XP it's almost the same except that each time you choose a
non-standard app you get a "always open with this app" checkbox when you
are selecting the app and each app you choose to open the file with gets
put in the "open with..." dialog that is on the context menu.  The first
time you open a file type it's context menu has a "open with..." that
contains "choose app".  If you choose notpad, wordpad, and word to open 
that file type the "open with..." menu will have those choices to choose
from as well as the option of "choose app".

Just some comparisions.  I'm not sure what is the "right" way to do it,
but allowing the user to choose an app easily (right now the mime type
app selection dialog is pretty scary for new users IMHO) and quickly is
a Good Thing :)

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