Re: proposal for MIME behavior in GNOME

Joe Shaw <joe ximian com> writes:

> On Fri, 2003-12-05 at 13:49, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> > No.  All files will only be listed if the mime-type has no-known
> > applications associated with it.
> Ok, so what is the use of the "Open With Other Application..." dialog if
> all of the possible applications are already listed in the context
> menu?  Is there a way to switch it so that all applications are listed? 
> (OS X has a dropdown for "Recommended" and "All" apps)

I kind of like the OS/X filtering, but the main interface is going to be
the entry.  I really should have made some mockups though.  I'll try to
update it later this afternoon when I have more code.


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