Re: hitler's flag

Am So, den 07.12.2003 schrieb Mario Vukelic um 10:39:

> This is stupid. The DDR was just as legitimate a state as the BRD,
> difference being just that the latter has won and is able to define
> right and wrong.. There is no law against use of DDR symbols either,
> otherwise half of Germany's media industry would be jailed by now :)

There was even an accusal of the famous ice skater Mrs. Witt, since she
wore the uniform of the FDJ on TV.  The FDJ was the youth organisation
of the DDR grasping every aspect of daily live.

You are right: If a state is legitimated depends on the acceptance of
the other states. 

But the question about right or wrong is not just a historical one. It
depends on you. If you think that ignoring and violating basic human
rights and the physical inviolacy is right, than you can say that the
DDR was right.

And yes, it is sad that many people in Eastern Germany now connect their
live and identity with the once hated system.

But this will be my last post on this issue.



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