Re: hitler's flag


In that earlier interminable thread I admittedly didn't read all of, I
hope we established that GNOME won't be including any flags for
precisely this reason; they are politically loaded.

We don't write "fuck you" in all our about boxes; not because it's
illegal, but because it would be gratuitously making people angry and
this is a software project, not a political/cultural group. Just because
you can doesn't mean you should.

No flags in GNOME, nothing to see here, everyone move along.

If someone else puts flags on the internet, please contact those people.
But our policy should be to stay out of non-software-related politics.

Please don't bury desktop-devel-list in political discussions
until/unless flags appear in a GNOME release, and they had better not.

End of thread please, go read the archives of the previous flag


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