Re: 'Switch User' action

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 21:34, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> 	But I do see the "someone's locked their screen and I can't use the
> machine" problem. It certainly sounds like some screensaver/display
> manager integration would be nice there.
> 	And then the final use case I'm seeing is the "I want to let my wife
> log in and check her email without logging me out" case. I reckon the
> screensaver work would be sufficient for this too ... ?

At the beginning of this thread, I thought these were the two use cases
that were being aimed at. They are both common enough and in both cases
you are not really talking about simultaneous use of the machine -- one
account is sitting idle while the other does work. With sufficient swap
space, resources are used relatively sensibly on Linux.

This is why I have no real opinion on the Action Menu idea -- I cannot
think how it is being used in normal cases and have no data on its
relevance. The two cases you mention, Mark, are two I see regularly in
practice as being useful and they would be nice to have.


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