Re: proposal for MIME behavior in GNOME

Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
Also, I have a screen shot for you of the Association properties page of
OS/2's Workplace Shell:

Ah, the memories... :)

OS/2 showed a very powerful way to make associations, but, at the same time, a not very user-friendly was to do it (the hell comes to you if you remove every association of a text file and make it AIFF only).

But there was something really nice regarding the way OS/2 handled the menu: you have a "Open | > " menu item, that opened the file with the default application to that type. If you move the mouse over the "| >" area, a new menu appears, with all possible options (Like "Edit", "Print", etc).

Of course, GNOME doesn't have a menu that could "| >", and I bet that is not very user-friendly (no one expects that a new menu will open only if you move your mouse over the "| >" area).

Just my R$ 0.02...

Julio Biason <slow cscience org>
ICQ: 10476303    Jabber: slow dotgeek org

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