Re: proposal for MIME behavior in GNOME

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 05:18:23PM -0500, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> I have written a proposal for handling MIME types and files better in
> nautilus at:
> In it, I describe some of the changes I'd like to make to make the user
> experience of opening files better.  If anyone has any suggestions for
> this, please follow up to this list.
> The changes proposed are going to be made in gnome-vfs, nautilus,
> gnome-panel, and the control-center.  In particular, I'm planning on
> moving jhbuild over to the xdgmime branch of gnome-vfs as soon as I get
> it merged back with HEAD.

I'd like to raise related use case we've discussed before.
    - Default applications.
It is clearly a related issue to mime type, but has its own
particularities.  The obvious example that most apps hit eventually
is email and the dreaded 'send to' operation.

    - which mailer should be used ?
    - what set of mailto: does that app support ?

Gnumeric currently hard codes evo.
OO has several thousand lines of code to handle different
interpretations of the rfcs, and handles evo or netscape-mail.

Does it seem feasible to handle this now ?

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