RE: 5th Toe: schedule and

> From: Will LaShell [mailto:will lashell net] 
> Doh, I didn't see this message. 
> Before the servers were moved I'd asked about shifting to a 
> a 
> record. Moving the entire site to a server isn't as easy 
> because we
> use postgresql to drive all of our database work.

I can't imagine why you need something so complicated just to have a
schedule and a list of modules.

>  That fact though 
> should be irrelevant as the end user won't need to care about 
> that. The 
> schedule is being
> discuessed and we should have a resolution soon.


> As for your login issues I'll check on that. Scott had done a 
> series of 
> changes to the site and its posible that there's a failure. I 
> can mail 
> you offlist and get you
> the details.

I think it's just fundamentally broken. There's no way to register and no
way to get a password, and no obvious reason why I would want to log in.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

> Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> >Is anything currently stopping the 5th Toe site 
> > from moving to
> >
> >I don't see any schedule on the current site. Also, I can't 
> change the 
> >regexxer details, or log in.
> >
> >Murray Cumming
> >
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