Re: You are missing the point

Christopher Warner wrote:
>Ugh, the problem is this, your analysis is just completely incorrect even
this response doesn't get it.

No, the problem is that you don't get what I am talking about. My article
was NOT about Gnomemeeting and Gaim. That paragraph on my article about
video chatting just USED the example of Gaim and Gnomemeeting (because they
are already there, fully working) to PRESENT a NEED for "casual video
chatting with MSN and Y! or iChat users". That paragraph was NOT about
Gnomemeeting or Gaim in particular. But these are out there today, so I used
them to make my case. The header of that paragraph was "Text and Video
Messaging Integration", not "I want Gnomemeeting to be something else than
it is".

If a new app called "GVideoChat" or whatever comes out tomorrow and does
what I do, I would be pleased, even if it might be using Gaim or GM code or
not. I am not interested in the technicalities involved, just in the end
result. You don't need to educate me of what GM does or does not do. I know
what it does, I use it.

>This is opensource, it would be idiotic to base future communications on a
proprietary protocol which is what Yahoo, Aol, iChat, Messenger, Skype do.

Base? No. Create your own protocol, I don't care what could be your primary
default video protocol (like in the .ogg case).
But support these proprietaty protocols? IMHO, when possible, absolutely!

>So long as there is a phone at the other end you don't have to worry about
anything else.

Sorry, but I am not interested in paying extra money to use hardware
solutions. iChat and iSight does what I need great without extra hardware,
it is just that it is not so practical having a Mac in Greece and other
countries (for other reasons I won't mention here).

>but you still won't be able to call your brother until he gets an h323
compliant phone.

Oh, so the 1% of the market now dictates what the 95% of the market should
do in order that 1% interoperate with that 95%? I am sorry, but this is
pointless. I use computers to solve problems, not to create more. What I
simply asked was an app that supports (yes, proprietary) videoconf protocols
on Unix so I can interoperate with 95% of the world who mostly use MSN
rather than just with this 1%  vLtRa-l33t commuinity of yours.

I am a practical person, not a politician: If this request can't be done for
technical or legal (patents) reasons I will understand, I will bite my lip
and look elsewhere, no hurt feelings. But if the Linux solutions can't offer
me this for political reasons, then I am not interested in any more debates
over this, I pack my bags and definately go elsewhere, where the grass is
greener and feature requests have more weight on developers as they are
getting paid to make paid customers happy. I am absolutely fine with this
development model too, you know.

I am not really interested in any more debates over this, enough with
spamming the desktop-devel list. I think we all get our points so far and
explained our views and misunderstandings. Email me directly if you have a

thank you,

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