Re: You are missing the point

<quote who="Eugenia Loli-Queru">

> No, the problem is that you don't get what I am talking about. My article
> was NOT about Gnomemeeting and Gaim.

Unfortunately, you couched it in terms of Gnomemeeting, and everyone's noted
that your point of view was outside the goals of that project in particular.
There is nothing stopping us from connecting up the dots between IM clients
and Gnomemeeting to provide a standards-based 'click and go' video/voice
chat connection.

> Base? No. Create your own protocol, I don't care what could be your primary
> default video protocol (like in the .ogg case).
> But support these proprietaty protocols? IMHO, when possible, absolutely!

Saying that we should 'absolutely' support proprietary protocols is not
wildly compatible with what GNOME is trying to achieve. If we can
interoperate with proprietary protocols, that's fine, but if we can use and
support standards, that's far better. You can argue this on the "what users
want" angle, but GNOME is attacking some of these things with a long term
view to freedom, not going for instant user gratification.

> > So long as there is a phone at the other end you don't have to worry about
> > anything else.
> Sorry, but I am not interested in paying extra money to use hardware
> solutions.

Dude. Gnomemeeting, or another h323 client, or a standard PSTN phone, or a
'hardware' IP phone. Because we use standards, these are all possible. It's
not weird stuff.

- Jeff

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