Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: You are missing the point

Hi Eugenia,

I've sit put for long, but I think this one just crossed a border I need
to speak up for.

-(snip: was answered already)-

> >This is opensource, it would be idiotic to base future communications on a
> proprietary protocol which is what Yahoo, Aol, iChat, Messenger, Skype do.
> Base? No. Create your own protocol, I don't care what could be your primary
> default video protocol (like in the .ogg case).
> But support these proprietaty protocols? IMHO, when possible, absolutely!

Well, you miss *THE VERY* point here. You don't care about what GM uses
for a protocol, fine. But if we "create our own protocol" like you
propose, then you again end up without connectivity with your brother,
even if you could transmit 3* 30fps PAL video over 33k modem line with
this new GM. 
The whole point of "creating one's protocol" is to exclude *ALL* other
apps from doing what you do. (even Y! or MSN in this case)

So, the consequence is, to have other clients support, what we chose as
new "superb" protocol, we would need to docuement on how we do things
and what things we do at all. Then we end up writing a new RFC standard.
This is what just happened to H323 a long time ago, and now we're no
longer on the "writing" stage, but on the "implementing and using"

-(snip: also already answered)-

> >but you still won't be able to call your brother until he gets an h323
> compliant phone.
> Oh, so the 1% of the market now dictates what the 95% of the market should
> do in order that 1% interoperate with that 95%? I am sorry, but this is
> pointless. I use computers to solve problems, not to create more. What I
> simply asked was an app that supports (yes, proprietary) videoconf protocols
> on Unix so I can interoperate with 95% of the world who mostly use MSN
> rather than just with this 1%  vLtRa-l33t commuinity of yours.

well, if it's 1% writing the H323-rfc, then it's about 0,01% or less
writing the Y! protocol standard and MSN maybe around 0.05%. And now you
ask us to comply to what some single developer chose to use from his
office desk by REVERSE ENGINEERING it? Well, if you got the time to do
that, fine. But if you've never done that yourself, i think you
shouldn't speak up for it. That's a *VERY* long term work (see SAMBA
still not fully being a 100% replacement for WinNT/Win2k servers) and
nothing a team of the size GnomeMeeting has can do. (neither can


Hope this explained a bit what you asked for in the long focus angle..

Best regards,

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