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I think that Eugenia only wants to be able to right-click a contact in
her gaim window, and then click "Start AV session".

Why isn't this doable?

Or perhaps Eugenia wants to click a checkbox in her gaim conversation
window, and have a small video window appear above the chat area.

This is harder.  But still doable.

El mié, 10-12-2003 a las 18:35, Christopher Warner escribió:
> Ugh, the problem is this, your analysis is just completely incorrect
> even this response doesn't get it.
> GnomeMeeting is like a regular telephone except that instead of dialing
> a phone number you dial an IP. That is how GnomeMeeting works, it uses
> Openh323 to provide Voice Over Internet Protocol capability. 
> With this it also allows you to transfer audio AND video which your
> current phone isn't able to do. That's GnomeMeeting in a nut shell and I
> plan to take the time to explore all the different ways one can use it
> and then document them. As of right now there are people using
> GnomeMeeting to make long distance calls, dialing normal telephones,
> conferencing, p2p chatting etc etc.
> What you are looking for is integration with incompatible, proprietary
> protocols that no one knows anything about and no one cares to know
> about as they're proprietary. This is opensource, it would be idiotic to
> base future communications on a proprietary protocol which is what
> Yahoo, Aol, iChat, Messenger, Skype do. It prevents people from
> communicating and talking to one another, such as you're experiencing
> right now with your brother.
> When you pick up the telephone you hear a dialtone, it works like that
> mostly everywhere in the world. It's simple, GnomeMeeting is that phone,
> GnomeMeeting is that dialtone and when you press those numbers
> GnomeMeeting is the software that will allow communication with the
> party you are trying to reach. So long as there is a phone at the other
> end you don't have to worry about anything else.
> I don't think anyone involved with GnomeMeeting would want to involve
> themselves with barring you from communication with your brother such as
> Messenger has. It's a sad state of affair but to compromise the future
> of communication to try and work with some proprietary protocol isn't on
> the top of anyones list. 
> As for integration, there are several ways to get GnomeMeeting to work
> with gaim but you still won't be able to call your brother until he gets
> an h323 compliant phone. You can't just rip out the GnomeMeeting engine
> and get it working with proprietary protocols and personally I'm sick of
> people trying to control when, who and how I'll communicate with
> someone. However, you're free to try. 
> As for you finding it useless; It's not anyone's fault you aren't
> thinking creatively enough to find other uses. You just don't see the
> uses for GnomeMeeting now because the VoIP market is still young I
> guess, or, it hasn't been marketed and shrink wrapped but you will and
> when you do. GnomeMeeting will be there.
> On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 18:01, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
> > Damien,
> > thank you for the clarification.
> > My point on the article was that I am looking for an IM app that can
> > interoperated with Windows IM solutions in the video area as well as in the
> > text chat area. My suggestion was that if this can come true by using your
> > engine inside another app (e.g. Gaim), I am all for it. But if you can
> > integrate GM into Gaim (or the other way around), even better. That was my
> > point, even if it might not have come out very clear. There was no "FUD"
> > going on, you seem to over-analyze some things.
> > 
> > My article was simply a wish list. As a PC user I have simple wishes or
> > needs, but VoIP is not one of them. However, video chatting with my brother
> > in Greece, whom I love dearly and I don't get the chance to see him much, is
> > what I need. Most Greeks don't have the money to buy Macs (too expensive
> > over there) and so iChat and iSight are out of the question (plus it
> > requires stupid amounts of bandwidth that the greek
> > "high-speed-only-in-name" Internet simply can't serve well). He uses MSN
> > Messenger with a $30 USB camera in an old K6 laptop I gave him last year,
> > still running Win98SE (Linux w/ Gnome2 would be too slow on that machine,
> > plus he doesn't have a clue how to use Linux). Most people are still on
> > Windows with Win98 or ME. As Gnome is a desktop system, I need
> > interoperation with these system. GM might be great for VoIP, but in my case
> > (and I guess for a lot of other people who live abroad and are far away from
> > friends and family), it is mostly useless.
> > 
> > Please note, I am not trying to slap your project or any other project
> > (well, maybe just Glade which I really don't like ;-). GM *is* one of the
> > best X applications out there, I was clear about this on my first review of
> > GM last week. GM is really well done, and congratulations for this. But
> > speaking personally, as a Gnome user, it just doesn't do what I need it to
> > do. It does well other things (e.g. VoIP, Linux user video chatting), but
> > not what I need it to do (MSN, iChat and maybe Y! video interoperation). And
> > hence my "wish" on that article. You don't have to take it to heart. It was
> > a personal wish list, not an attack to anyone. Everyone's got their little
> > wishes when using software, ranging from useless little things like color
> > preferences to major feature requests. I am no exception.
> > 
> > Best regards,
> > Eugenia
> > 
> > ps. On a related note, I replied to Ross on his reply to my article on his
> > blog:
> >
> > It should clear up some misconceptions readers have regarding this article
> > of mine.
> > 
> > 
> > 
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