Proposed implementation agnostic GNOME Speech API.

Hi all,

Marc Mulcahy asked my to announce something I've been working on
over the last few weeks, and get feedback from the community on.

I've filed bug #129205

to capture this work.

In short, I've created an implementation agnostic set of wrappers for
the existing GNOME Speech v0.2.X API that used GObject. It hides the
existing Bonobo/ORBit2 implementation under the covers.

There is a test application included in one of the two attachments
to the bug.

If accepted, it's planned that the Bonobo/ORBit2 API would continue
to be provided (but deprecated).

I've also rewritten the speech related code in gnopernicus to use
this new API, but I haven't attached that work yet, until the
community feel that this is a good thing to do.

I know the API/ABI freeze for GNOME 2.5/6 has already happened, so
this is something we'd like to consider for GNOME 2.7/8.


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