Re: comment about gnome architecture

Despite rambling a bit, the below excerpt from the original poster is a
very well put description of what Gnome needs to focus on for the
future.  Basically, "Build the infrastructure and the apps will
follow".  I would love to see more focus on pure infrastructure. is leading the way and has improved the situation
dramatically, especially in the all important cross desktop region.

Is a standard application agnostic way to register bookmarks a bad
idea?  I have no idea, that is for the developers who build applications
that make use of it to figure out, but having the infrastructure in
place, even if it is unused can't hurt anything.

While I think the poster went too far suggesting that a RAD IDE is
needed.  Sure it would be nice, but it is not a requirement and probably
pie in the sky.  We need to walk before we run and that means a mature
core infrastructure.  Most core Windows apps are written in C/C++ not
VB.  Sure there are lots of utilities and vertical applications written
in VB, but the real workhorse apps are not.

Greg Breland

On Fri, 2003-12-12 at 05:50, Marius Andreiana wrote:
> An insightful comment at
> Quote:
> ---
> The problem is that there are very few people thinking about the
> underlying desktop architecture. 

>  Hacking the ability to access your evolution contacts from gaim is
> cool, but it is just a hack compared to the big picture of true
> integration and centralization of services. There is no gnome
> ifrastructure yet and that is why people have to do crap like that. 

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