Re: comment about gnome architecture

On 14Dec2003 05:17PM (-0600), Greg Breland wrote:
> Despite rambling a bit, the below excerpt from the original poster is a
> very well put description of what Gnome needs to focus on for the
> future.  Basically, "Build the infrastructure and the apps will
> follow".  I would love to see more focus on pure infrastructure.

Focusing on "pure infrastructure" seems like a recipe for delivering a
lot of shining pearls of theoretical perfection that no one wants or

It's better to focus on concrete goals that directly impact the user,
and let that drive the infrastructure. It's true that some kinds of
problems can't be solved by working incrementally, but when making a
major infrastructural change it's even more important to keep the end
goal in mind.

> We need to walk before we run and that means a mature
> core infrastructure.  Most core Windows apps are written in C/C++ not
> VB. 

People don't use Windows because it has "good infrastructure". (In
fact, few people would even make the claim that it has good
infrastructure.) They use it because it has the apps and features they


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