Re: [g-a-devel]Proposed implementation agnostic GNOME Speech API.

Peter Korn <Peter Korn Sun COM> writes:

> Hi Scott,
> Scott Berry wrote:
>> I also have a question here.  Why is it that Gnopernicus uses such a
>> complicated layer of keys.  Being new to the program it makes it quite
>> difficult to use.  I wonder if this could be changed?
> Gnopernicus is in many ways three different apps; or rather, it
> supports three different output modalities of which any two (or
> perhaps just a single one) might be of use to any given individual:
> e.g. speech + Braille, or magnification + speech.
> As there are so many commands that a user might want to issue
> immediately to change things (e.g. speech rate, magnification size),
> Gnopernicus would group related commands together on the keypad.  In
> this way a speech user might live on keypad layer 8 for much of the
> time, a magnification user on layer #1 or #2.
> The alternatives are:
>   1. have far fewer commands available by default
>   2. use Ctrl/Shift/Alt-keypad combinations instead of layers
>   3. use Function keys or them main keyboard with Ctrl/Shift/Alt combinations
> Of these, I think really only option #2 is worth considering.

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