Re: [g-a-devel]gnopernicus keys

Peter Korn wrote:
regarding gnopernicus key commands:

The alternatives are:

 1. have far fewer commands available by default
 2. use Ctrl/Shift/Alt-keypad combinations instead of layers
3. use Function keys or them main keyboard with Ctrl/Shift/Alt combinations

Of these, I think really only option #2 is worth considering.

#2 however has the distinct disadvantage of clashing with commonly-used GNOME keybindings.

It might be worth investigating whether we can use less-common modifier keys, such as the 'Windows' key, etc. in conjunction with numpad or arrow keys, for some functions.

It also might make sense to use the Function keys (with a modifier, say Ctrl-F1, etc.) to switch gnopernicus 'modes' or 'layers', and the use numpad/arrow keys (possibly with shift/alt/etc.) for gnopernicus-specific navigation within that 'layer'. This might have the potential for less conflict with GNOME keybindings, while retaining the convenience of the number pad
for the most frequent gnopernicus command keys.

- Bill

I do think it would be very helpful to have better documentation of the keypad keys. I've cribbed up a cheat sheet for myself (a horribly inaccessable PDF document), that also is also out of date. I'd be happy to share it, though being in graphical and basically inaccesible document, it wouldn't be of particular use to the core audience of this software.


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

On Fri, 12 Dec 2003,
Rich Burridge wrote:

Hi all,

Marc Mulcahy asked my to announce something I've been working on
over the last few weeks, and get feedback from the community on.

I've filed bug #129205

to capture this work.

In short, I've created an implementation agnostic set of wrappers for
the existing GNOME Speech v0.2.X API that used GObject. It hides the
existing Bonobo/ORBit2 implementation under the covers.

There is a test application included in one of the two attachments
to the bug.

If accepted, it's planned that the Bonobo/ORBit2 API would continue
to be provided (but deprecated).

I've also rewritten the speech related code in gnopernicus to use
this new API, but I haven't attached that work yet, until the
community feel that this is a good thing to do.

I know the API/ABI freeze for GNOME 2.5/6 has already happened, so
this is something we'd like to consider for GNOME 2.7/8.


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