Re: hitler's flag

On So, 2003-12-07 at 07:53 +0100, Sebastian Heinlein wrote:
> Dear Gnome-Developers,
> I am from Germany and I was quite shocked to see the swastika flag
> listed as an historical flag in the gnome svg flags package.
> This is not just a neutral historical flag it is still a symbol for
> despise of humanity and of political action. Yes, there are still some
> NAZIs and "this is just history" guys around.
> You should immediatly remove this flag, since it is also forbidden to
> show and distribute this flag in a not historical way or commented
> context in Germany. This can punished.
> It is also no sign of historical sense and sensitiveness to list the
> flag of the DDR, too. This was the flag of the second German
> dictatorship in the 20th century.
Note that I "designed" this flag. I'm not a nazi at all but was
"inspired" by a posting. You simply have to accept that
it's part of our history. full-stop.


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