Re: hitler's flag

Mikael Hallendal wrote:
mån 2003-12-08 klockan 11.19 skrev Damon Chaplin:

We established that the Taiwan flag was a problem. But that was about
it. Has RedHat had major problems with any other flags?

It still seems silly to me to remove all flags because of a problem with
1 or 2.

Because of reasons that was discussed in the previous (long) thread. A
flag means something bad in one country and in another country those
people will be upset the flag is not included but most others are.

Let's just drop this discussion now, if someone want to ship flags
outside of GNOME that's fine.


I will also add that no matter how much legislation can be written by any number of politicians of all sides, no one is entitled to negate the existence of a flag that is part of history, whatever said flag represents. As it is forbidden to say that the shoah never existed, you can't say that the Nazi regime in Germany during the 1933-1945 period existed, and you may need the clip art to write and describe it in a history book. it's just a clip art, it is similar to a P2P tool, or a gun... it can be used for good or evil, and you can't prevent anyone from actually creating this symbol of evil for their own (possibly evil) purpose.
Note however that the swastika has other meanings in other cultures.

see here for more info :



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