Re: Need an option to disable multihead awareness.

<quote who="Ville P?tsi">

> GNOME 2.1 seems to have become multihead aware. This is a proper default
> procedure, but I really need a way to disable it. I run Ion (a bare
> keyboard controlled window manager) on the other head, and getting the
> Nautilus desktop in a window in Ion is annoying. Maybe a gconf key to make
> apps only run in the screen they were started in?

Okay, to flesh out what drc is saying:

When you have a multihead setup (:0.0, :0.1, and so on), GNOME stuff handles
and uses both heads by default. This is definitely a 'sensible default', but
there are various use cases that suggest the addition of a preference here.
A couple that come to mind:

  - using a different window manager on other heads (drc's use case)

  - using software that assumes that it has control over the entire screen
    (some odd high end finance and/or graphics apps do this - you tell them
    which heads to run on, and they take over)

Software that should care about this setting:

  - metacity (ignore off-limits heads)

  - panel (don't let panels use or be dragged to off-limits heads, possibly
    fixed if metacity ignores them?)

  - nautilus (don't take over off-limits heads root windows, possibly fixed
    if metacity ignores them?)

I can't help thinking that both "only use X, Y, Z heads" and "do not use A,
B, C heads" methods would be useful, too. Urgh. [ This certainly sounds like
something for GConf, but wow, wouldn't it be cool in a displays control
panel? ;-) ]

Does this sound sane?

- Jeff (who killed the In-Reply-To header on purpose, because he is a

                      Cette menace est très sérieuse.                       

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