Re: Need an option to disable multihead awareness.

Quoting Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org>:
>   - panel (don't let panels use or be dragged to off-limits heads, possibly
>     fixed if metacity ignores them?)

You've misunderstood the problem. Windows can't be dragged to the other screen
if Xinerama isn't used. The problem is that two instances of the panel are
started, one on each screen (:0.0 and :0.1). This is the equivalent of running
panel two times with different --display paremeters in 2.0.X.

>   - nautilus (don't take over off-limits heads root windows, possibly fixed
>     if metacity ignores them?)

The same problem here.

> I can't help thinking that both "only use X, Y, Z heads" and "do not use A,
> B, C heads" methods would be useful, too. Urgh. [ This certainly sounds
> like
> something for GConf, but wow, wouldn't it be cool in a displays control
> panel? ;-) ]

I'd like either a command line paremeter, or a GConf key, which would keep panel
and nautilus in their designated screens. So if either is started in :0.0, a
second instance wouldn't be started in :0.1.

drc gimp org

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