Re: Need an option to disable multihead awareness.

<quote who="Ville P?tsi">

> Quoting Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org>:
> >   - panel (don't let panels use or be dragged to off-limits heads, possibly
> >     fixed if metacity ignores them?)
> You've misunderstood the problem. Windows can't be dragged to the other screen
> if Xinerama isn't used.

I haven't misunderstood - you can move panels between heads. :-)

> The problem is that two instances of the panel are started, one on each
> screen (:0.0 and :0.1). This is the equivalent of running panel two times
> with different --display paremeters in 2.0.X.

Not really. The one panel process handles both heads.

> >   - nautilus (don't take over off-limits heads root windows, possibly fixed
> >     if metacity ignores them?)
> The same problem here.

Same answer. One Nautilus, handling both heads. That's what multihead
support in GTK+ gives us.

> > I can't help thinking that both "only use X, Y, Z heads" and "do not use
> > A, B, C heads" methods would be useful, too. Urgh. [ This certainly
> > sounds like something for GConf, but wow, wouldn't it be cool in a
> > displays control panel? ;-) ]
> I'd like either a command line paremeter, or a GConf key, which would keep
> panel and nautilus in their designated screens. So if either is started in
> :0.0, a second instance wouldn't be started in :0.1.

Rather, the single instance wouldn't attempt to use both heads.

- Jeff

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