Re: Sticky Notes

Hi Mark / Daniel,

On Thu, 2003-01-02 at 10:28, Daniel Veillard wrote:
> > 	Yeah, that did suck. I've just fixed it on HEAD by rechecking every 5
> > seconds.
>   Well I'm not sure it's the Right Thing to do, just among the list of
> possible candidate fixes :-)

	Sigh - of course; ideally bonobo-activation-server would live in the
module stack somewhere more sensible [ above gnome-vfs ] or something,
and be able to get FAM notifications on the .server directory [ or
something ].

	The option of having the server poll the directory on a timeout caused
pain for somebody [ AFAIR ] - but we could make the server have a little
timeout that did that every few seconds or so, I forget the problem with

> > 	The arbitrary 5 seconds isn't as expensive as it sounds.

	I assume it's a timeout only invoked on the right click popup code

> > 	So it still sucks a little bit - but I think in most cases users
> > wouldn't notice ... I'm sure Michael would welcome bonobo-activation
> > patches, though :-)
>   No idea, I'm technically lost in those part of the code, I let the people
> in charge evaluate what the right solution might be, but thanks for that
> first step :-)

	An ideal solution would include working out how best to poll for /
notice notice changes on the disk, then firing a cache clear off to the
client using the existing infrastructure.



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