Re: default panel configuration

On Mon, 2003-01-06 at 21:26, iain wrote:

> Might be nice if it's automatically added or at least pops up a dialog
> saying "This program wants to add an icon to the panel notification area
> which you don't have on your panel. Would you like to add it now? [Yes,
> add the panel notification area] [NO PISS OFF AND NEVER TELL ME AGAIN]"

In our attempt to stamp out all Yes / No / Piss Off alerts, perhaps it
would be better if the first app that required it added the Notification
Area as you said, since that's what most users probably want.  

Then if you subsequently removed it from your panel manually, it could
set some flag in GConf to let other apps know not to try adding it
again.  Adding the Notification Area again manually (assuming you can do
so) would clear the flag again, and so on ad infinitum...


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