Re: nautilus-media question

On 7 Jan 2003, Louis Garcia wrote:

> I'm trying to get the thumbnailer going. I've read the readme and can't
> get it working. I'm using 2.1.latest but I didn't have a
> ~/.gnome2/thumbnailrc file so I created it and put:
> video/mpeg: /usr/bin/gst-thumbnail %i %o
> I've compiled gst-plugins with libmpeg2dec so I should have mpeg
> support. What now?

I just changed the thumbnailer configuration to be stored in GConf. I 
expect thumbnailers to ship with schema files so that is will be quite 
easy to enable/disable them.

The settings are stored in /desktop/gnome/thumbnailers. The "disable_all" 
key disables all external thumbnailers. Then there is a directory per 
mimetype you want to thumbnail (named like: application x-foo-bar) with an 
"enable" boolean key and a "command" string key.

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