Re: nautilus-media question

<quote who="Alexander Larsson">

> I just changed the thumbnailer configuration to be stored in GConf.

This is a very cool change, but:

  - Dave has done a release of Nautilus for RC1, so I would assume that it's
    deep-frozen now - will you be doing another release for RC1 with this
    change? (to push the deep-freeze excuse out of the way)

  - *Very* fine line between bugfix and feature.

  - Are you comfortable with the amount of testing time left for this
    change, especially given that its first appearance will be in our first
    release candidate?

With my Jeff hat on, this change is totally cool, makes thumbnailers sane,
and should definitely go in before our elite thumbnailing technology finds

With my release hat on [1], this is a good change, but beyond almost all of
our freezes and appearing for the first time in RC1. Plus, nothing was
mailed to the release team about it (which is somewhat relevant given that
it's not really a simple bugfix, and we're so close to release).

I know that we haven't had a lot of hacking time for 2.2, but we have to say
no at some stage to get this stuff out on time, and as bug-free as possible.
Please, everyone, keep that in mind. It would be great to avoid a lengthy
series of point releases now that we've got a sane release process.


- Jeff

[1] It looks like a viking helmet, just so you know.

   "And that's what it sounds like if you *download* it!" - John Linnell,   
                            They Might Be Giants                            

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