Re: nautilus-media question


> > I just changed the thumbnailer configuration to be stored in GConf. I 
> > expect thumbnailers to ship with schema files so that is will be quite 
> > easy to enable/disable them.
> I'm using the last garnome release, so my system still reads from
> thumbnailrc and I've still never been able to get gst-thumbnail to
> thumbnail my MPEGs, gst-thumbnail doesn't even produce a .png if run
> manually, nor any errors - I've just never had enough time to file a
> bug!
> Is there something specific we should be looking at that would lead to
> a good bug report?


start by giving us the command you used to manually thumbnail, telling us 
how you installed gstreamer, on what distro, and if you can play the 
mpeg's in any gstreamer-based app.

Also check if you have the necessary plug-ins using gst-inspect:
gst-inspect mpeg2dec
gst-inspect colorspace

And so on...

Preferably, this is done through a bug report, with output of gst-feedback 
attached to it.



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